Makerspace Freebie!

We LOVE having maker time in my classroom. It is always a Fun Friday activity for my students or a STEM activity! As a new teacher, I have not always had a lot of resources or known the best way to organize those resources...

SO today, a couple weeks before starting year 3 of teaching (woohoo!), I decided to organize my disaster of a craft closet--it was over flowing after two years of collecting. However, the biggest issue I had with my craft closet was that my students had no access to it--not because I did not allow it--but because I was the only one who knew what was in there! 

Drum roll please.....!!!

The labels with pictures will allow my students to be independent makers throughout the day. I've had these Sterilite containers for two years now and they have held up nicely! You can find them, here.

I encourage YOU to start a Makerspace in your room--but keep in mind, every classrooms Makerspace is different. For all I know, this might not end up being the best fit for my students. That's really up to them! Some Makerspaces have no labels and no rhyme or reason. Did you know genius' have the messiest work spaces?! ;) Keep that in mind! I, however, am Type A--so we are going to start with this and see how it goes with my first graders! 

In an effort to really encourage you, enjoy this FREEBIE: Makerspace Labels. Even if you don't need the labels, reading through the materials will help you realize the materials to start a Makerspace are already all over your classroom :)

Happy Teaching!!

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