It's August and that means...BACK TO SCHOOL!

Hello everybody! I am back! After an amazing month in Ireland, I am home to enjoy some family time (now with a Masters Degree! Pretty exciting!!). August is one of my favorite months because the weather is beautiful, family parties are happening, and lots of back to school prep is going down! You might think I am crazy for saying that but I love getting organized and excited for the new school year. It's a great time to reflect on past years and how I am going to do things differently (and better). 

What better way to start our Back to School month than with a Freebie?

Grab my Editable 2016-2017 Calendar for free (holidays included). I like to keep the calendars that I send home plain and organized so parents do not get overwhelmed. As always, please do not hesitate to let me know how I can customize or improve this product for you :) 

Here are some projects I'm working on right now to prepare for the school year:

1.) Updating/cleaning/organizing our classroom website

2.) Updating/cleaning/organizing the files on my computer--this is by far the most refreshing. It is so easy during the busy school year to send files to a miscellaneous folder. This is my time to go through and completely organize those files (and promise myself that I will keep things organized throughout the year!).

Pretty beautiful so far, right?!

3.) Some form of Professional Development for myself. If my goal as a teacher is to encourage students to be life long learners, then why wouldn't I practice what I preach?! Each summer I like to step outside of my comfort zone and attend a Professional Development or take a class. Last summer, I became a Google Certified Educator (I suggest all teachers try it!! Awesome class/program). This summer, I am participating in a HyperDocs bootcamp. It is a 4 week course where we actively engage in activities/conversations and create our own HyperDocs for our classroom. HyperDocs are essentially a 21st century, innovative, digital worksheet. As a first grade teacher, I certainly won't jump ship and get rid of all worksheets (motor skills people!!!). I think HyperDocs could be a great way to enhance my small group instruction by creating a HyperDoc center where students complete differentiated activities that can be shared with peers, parents and myself. If you'd like to read more about what HyperDocs are, visit this site. 

4.) Something crafty--hmm I haven't decided what I am going to do for this yet. I need to get on Pinterest...I always love to work on some sort of arts and crafts project for my classroom (whether it be a decoration, a piece of furniture, alternative seating, etc.). It is a good way to clear my head and take a break from screen time :) I will keep you guys posted. Any good ideas?!

Well that's it for now! What do you do during the month of August to prepare for the school year?

I look forward to sharing all of my planning, products and programs with you this August! It is going to be an awesome 2016-2016 school year! 

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