Turkey Writing FREEBIE!

I love to create silly writing opportunities for my kids because their writing is rich in creativity when I do so! So please enjoy this Thanksgiving writing freebie by clicking below or grab it at my store :) #savetheturkeys 

Thanksgiving break is a week away! Wahoo!

STEM Buddies

This year, one of my co-workers, Eryn Welch (fabulous, fabulous teacher!!!!), and I decided we would pair up our classes for STEM buddies! I teach first grade and she teaches kindergarten--so we saw this as a great multi-age opportunity for our kiddos to work together! It gives my first graders the chance to be role models and big helpers--which they love. We meet three times a month on Friday's for an hour to collaborate, think critically, problem solve, reflect and...HAVE FUN! It also gives me the opportunity to work with Eryn and learn from her as an educator--she has fantastic classroom management and I am always borrowing stealing ideas from her :) 

So now, I want to take this opportunity to share an awesome primary (but really...I could see any grade using this resource...even as a team builder for educators!) STEM resource. It comes from one of my favorite educators that I follow, Brooke Brown, who runs a blog called Teach Outside the Box. On Teachers Pay Teachers, you can find her 9 month STEM Challenges bundle--and it will not disappoint. Brooke's bundle includes 27 STEM challenges (3 per month)--they come with detailed instructions, photos of sample solutions, teacher tips and guides, vocabulary cards and student recording sheets. What she has put together is simply amazing...the monthly resources are themed and the kids have a BLAST with them!! Thank you so much, Brooke, for sharing your knowledge and resources with us. 

Last year, my first grade class completed the challenges and had SO much fun. I watched not only their problem solving skills improve before my eyes, but their social skills. They worked in groups and practiced explaining their ideas/thoughts respectfully, having an open mind and compromising. Those are some 21st century skills they need to be successful contributors to society :) My class this year is challenged a little bit more by working with the kindergartners--and it's been great! Eryn and I created a Google Doc and we buddied up our kids. Each time we get together, they find their buddy and get right to work! It's nice to see the relationships form and how much more comfortable they get as the weeks progress. At the beginning of each month, Eryn and I take a few minutes to decide what order we will do the tasks in, what materials we need (a total b.o.n.u.s. about STEM challenges--most of the resources you need are already somewhere in your classroom), and then when it's time to meet we get together and watch the ideas our kiddos have come to life!

Enough of my blabbing, check out some of the pictures from last year and this year STEM successes! Then go and grab Brooke's bundle and start challenging your students :) You might also want to check out my Makerspace post, which makes these STEM challenges much easier to manage (less set up and work for me). 




Happy Teaching! 

Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving freebies!

So...it's been a long LONG time since I have blogged but I am coming out of retirement! :) I'm so happy to be getting back to blogging. I have had such a crazy, busy year so far and unfortunately blogging fell by the wayside. But I am determined to get back to what I love doing most--sharing what's happening in my room! I feel lucky to be learning from so many incredible educators on their Twitter's, Instagram's, Facebook's and their blogs--so I hope I can do a little bit of the same! 

The second week in November was a very patriotic week! With Election Day and Veteran's Day, we decided to show some American Pride on our lockers. We made these cute American flags and gave our audience a reason why they should vote for us to be president. Check em out below--I have some pretty thoughtful kiddos! You can grab the "Vote for ____" and "If I were president I would..." masters, here!


And here are some of my favorite Election Day and Veteran's books to read aloud!

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I want to share TWO freebies with you! First is a November No-Prep Printable on my TPT store and second freebie is just for YOU! 

Happy Teaching and Happy Thanksgiving countdown!