Hello from Ireland!

Hi everybody! Slainte! (pronounced - slan-cha --that means Cheers! in Ireland)So I have to apologize for my absence from my blog for the month of July :) I am in Galway, Ireland completing my Masters in Educational Technology through Michigan State and I will be posting my experiences/classwork here though my tech showcase website/blog. It is truly an incredible program that I feel all teachers would greatly benefit from. 

The program not only teaches us to integrate technology through the TPACK model, but it prepares you to be thoughtful leader in your professional setting. You can complete your degree online, but I cannot stress enough how much more meaningful it is to complete it in person (whether in class at MSU or abroad). I have grown so much and the experience would not be as amazing without the peers I have to learn on for support and the countless connections I have made with fantastic educators. 

So if you would like to follow my adventures in Ireland AND check out all of the amazing practices we are diving into AND learn about some awesome tools you can integrate into your own classroom, check out my tech showcase blog/website.

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer and a great 4th of July weekend :)
Happy Teaching!! 

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