DoInk and Memorial Day

Tech Tip of the Week

Who has tried DoInk? It is the bomb dot com. All you need is the app (for $3.99) and a green screen! One of our awesome teachers at our school, Kelsey Svrcina, set up a green screen using a green sheet! SUPER easy! Then, you have your kids get in front of the screen and start recording. Kelsey had her students read writing pieces in front of the green screen! It was too cute.

Since we are nearing the end of the year and my kids have proven they are rockstar readers, I decided to have them do fun project that would show off their reading skills!  We did some Readers Theater projects from Jessica Tobin's TPT site and they were AWESOME! We spent about 4 days practicing (some of my kids even memorized their lines), made props from construction paper, and started performing! They made some awesome videos and the best part was after filming, a lot of kids said they could do better and wanted to film again. I played my part on the sidelines and did a whole lotta nothing--just watching and listening! Watching them collaborate and support each other was so rewarding. Check out some of our awesome projects, here! And also some pictures below :)


Memorial Day

I tried a new Memorial Day craft this year and it turned out super cute! You just need some patriotic paint, cotton balls, and construction paper! They love any projects that involve paint--so we made some American Flags to display on our lockers!


Happy Teaching! 

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