Summer Project: Rise & Shine Binders

Unfortunately and fortunately, I have a short summer due to my study abroad program in Galway, Ireland :) Woohoo! I'll be pursuing my masters through Michigan State University in Educational Technology. I am super excited for this opportunity to travel across the pond (first timer) and bring back some awesome ideas for my upcoming school year.

Seeing as my trip is 11 days away, I don't have TOO much time to obsess over what I'll be changing about my classroom for next year. I am such a busy body and constantly trying to improve my classroom (it is a blessing and a curse). Over the next 11 days, I will be finishing a project I'm working on for the upcoming year. This idea came from an amazing teacher I follow on TPT, Reagan Tunstall. I read her blogpost about the "Rise & Shine Binder" she created and it was something I knew I had to try. You can purchase the binder materials for $7.50, here :)  
During the last school year, I spent a lot of time and paper each month putting together morning work packets. It was just...blah. The kids did not love it and either did I--hence, the Rise & Shine Binders! I'm about half way done putting them together, and yes--putting them together is a lot of work--but I am confident my kids will love them and instill very important first grade skills in the process. After reading Reagan's blogpost, I was convinced! Here's my progress so far:
Sheet protectors & Expo markers--I'm saving a rainforest!

Ok this right here is one of my favorite parts. Base ten is HUGE in first grade--practicing this each morning is going to be so beneficial for my little guys. Great for fine motor skills, too!

I think I will make something like this for my students who need a little extra help here. Reagan uses a clear counter and I think that will work great for my higher kiddos.
I can't wait to put them into action!

Happy Teaching! Or as they say in Ireland--Slan go foill!

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