Guided Reading Changes

Now that my first year is over, I am SO ready for year 2! I thoroughly enjoyed my first year (I had the most perfect group of first graders) but there are so many things I want to change to improve my teaching practice and my classroom. SO what better place to start than guided reading time? We all know that learning to read is a crucial part of first grade. This year, I felt as though my guided reading time was just okay. I had the materials I needed and differentiated my groups--but I did not feel as though we were working towards any specific goals (aside from the obvious learning to read).

That's where Mrs. Wheeler comes in! I follow a lot of teacher blogs--I feel like it's professional development at your finger tips whenever you want it. I can only hope I have a blog similar to those that I follow one day--but I think that will come with time, experience & confidence. Anyway, Mrs. Wheeler is a fantastic first grade teacher who, through reading her blog, I am learning a lot from. Her blog has fantastic ideas for any first grade classroom and those ideas can also be applied across other grade levels. She has saved me this summer by providing various resources to support guided reading time. You can read about all of her resources and what they provide on Mrs. Wheeler's TPT site. Below, I've provided pictures that you can click on to take you to each resource I will be using this upcoming school year.
My favorite resource she provides comes from her Guided Reading Resources K-1 product. She gives you everything, step-by-step to ensure a successful and smooth running guided reading time. Specifically, I love that she provides "Skills by Level." As a new teacher, I don't always know what exactly my kids needed to progress to the next level (yes, I can admit that :) ). With her list of skills, I can easily assess my students during our time together and give them exactly what they need to advance. It will be my best friend next year :) I cannot wait to put her products to use and see my kids flourish. Working like crazy before my departure to Ireland!
If you want a quick look at how Mrs. Wheeler runs her guided reading groups, download her FREE planning guide! Thanks, Mrs. Wheeler!
I leave for Ireland on Friday (WOO!!). I am still putting off packing my clothes because I am the WORST packer ever. So, I have been busy getting my goodbyes in and shopping of course. I treated myself to an early birthday gift--the Fitbit Charge HR. I love it for multiple of reasons (heart rate monitor, called ID, exercise tracking) and I can't wait to see how many steps I get in abroad.
I hope everyone is enjoying summer!

Happy Teaching!

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