Earth Day Celebrations

Happy Sunday everybody! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend full of outdoor fun and celebrating our beautiful planet! We had an amazing Friday at school together celebrating Earth Day--but more on that after my...

Tech Tip of the Week! 

I have a lot of early finishers in my classroom this year (they are quick to produce quality work!). So, I was looking for something interesting and exciting they could produce during writing time. I found My Story Book online where students can make their own stories for f.r.e.e. My early finishers have been typing their stories in and they just love it. As a tech nerd, I love the fact that they get to practice their typing and computer skills. They have done such an amazing job using the program that it is now an activity the entire class gets to try. A lot of my kids beg me to let them use the program during free choice, but our free choice does not include screen time. So they have been choosing to do it during free choice time at our computer special. They LOVE it! I love to see them collaborate and enhance each others stories.

Earth Day

We had such a blast celebrating Earth Day on Friday! Really, we celebrated all week long by making an extra effort to recycle every chance we got :) You can make each day Earth Day if you try! At the beginning of the week we made these adorable Earth Day promise crafts to display on our lockers.  If there is one things kids absolutely LOVE, it's painting with their hands. I love watching their faces as they put their hands in the paint for the first time...they are so giggly and cute!! I got this idea from the amazing, Cara Carroll :) Check out her blog for tons of quality resources.


The next activity we did was from Katie Mense at Little Warriors. Ok, no matter what grade level you teach, you NEED to do this with your students! It was so much fun and so meaningful to my kids. They themselves get to practice the art of reducing, reusing and recycling. The students take a cup of cheerios, which represents old recycled car tires in a landfill. They take up SO much space! So we reduce the cheerios by crushing them. Then, we reuse the broken down cheerios by adding water and Plaster of Paris to create a road! Ta-da!!! So messy but so fun. Unfortunately, I did not get too many pictures because I was having so much fun watching them with my eyes instead of through my screen!

And last, but not least, some of our amazing staff members provided each class with the opportunity to plant a class tree. Across our school grounds, you can now find 25 new, baby trees! How amazing will it be for our kids to come back and see how much they tree they planted has grown! We had awesome discussions about what the tree needs to survive and how we can spread the word to keep our tree protected. For most of my students, and myself, it was the first time planting a tree, ever!


I'd love to go on and on about how much fun we had's GOT time!!!! Are there any other Game of Throne fans out there? I have been waiting for this night for a year! Here's to hoping Jon Snow is still around...!!

Have a wonderful week everybody! Looking forward to sharing again, soon.

Happy Teaching!

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