L is for the way I LOVE my job

February is such a short, quick month--cannot believe we are half way through it! The prep for March is Reading Month has begun! I have some fun things planned for my kiddos so stay tuned to find out what they are! Gotta get through February first :) 

Tech Talk Tip of the Week

Most recently, we tested out and fell in love with Color Alive! Simply download the Crayola Color Alive app, color your picture, and scan to watch your picture come to life! (Explicit directions can be found, here). There is a free coloring page if you would like to test it out! You can buy various coloring books online or at your local Target, Meijier, Walmart, etc. REALLY cool even if you just want to have some fun with your kids at home.

But..why do this at school? Well for starters...I've never seen my kids do such AMAZING coloring :) hehe. They were so focused and proud of their work. Secondly, I absolutely love watching my kiddos collaborate. When they use apps like this, they work together to discover new things and solve problems. How did you do that? ... Whoa!! Look at this...Can you help me?...Oh, I know how to do that let me show you! These are all the things I get to hear when we do these activities. Most recently, we used this as our fun Friday activity. We spent about 45 minutes coloring and playing with our pictures. If you want to use this app and incorporate one of your many standards, use it for writing! I find that these are a great way to motivate kids to write. Have them write a narrative about their picture...post their work in the hallway and let the other kids in the school freak out over their 3D pictures! 


Look at them working together! Too cute! 

Another app similar to this one (that has more f.r.e.e. coloring pages, check out Quiver).

Hearts on Hearts on Hearts

I loooove the week of Valentine's. The kids love making cards and making everyone feel special...me too :) We made cupcakes for our lockers and wrote about why first grade is SWEET :) Almost everybody said P.E. was their favorite (shout out to the amazing Julie Swanson). Lots of talk about PLAY and recess and loving school. All I need to hear :) 


For our amazing Moms and Dads, we told them we love them to pieces.


Last but not least, here are some of my favorite Valentine's Day Books. 


 Target Purchase of the Week

I left Target on Sunday spending only $10 #worldrecord 

Check out these mini mailboxes from the $1 section. We used them to sort blends this week! Perfect for the week of our Valentine's party :) It was a nice way to spice up our centers and RTI time. 

Do you all have a mid-winter break? We have Monday off but will be back teaching the little guys on Tuesday! Have a wonderful long weekend/break! Eat lots of chocolate...you deserve it ;)

Happy teaching!

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