100 days of Awesome

Does February FLY by for you guys?! Holy cow...it seems like each week there is a new holiday or activity happening...I also have 4 birthday's...in a row...next week #cupcakesoncupcakes . I choose to embrace the chaos though and have fun with it! I would not want my classroom any other way. Busy = good! Plus, it gives me lots to blog about ;) 

Before I get started--is anyone going to MACUL in March? It is in Grand Rapids (wahoo) so I will have a 5 minute drive there. Meet me there or follow my days at the conference on Twitter

Tech Tip of the Week

We celebrated 100 Days of School this week! Wahoo. This is one of my favorite celebrations. After 100 days, my kiddos have blossomed into almost second graders! That's one of the reasons I love teaching first grade--so much growth in one short year! 

My favorite way to celebrate this celebration is by using the app Aging Booth. The kids manage the app themselves and turn themselves into old geezers! Then, we write about what we think life will be like when we are 100--by far, my favorite writing to read all year. I get the most hilarious responses. I'll never forget last year one of my students wrote, "I will walk reel slow. I will be scinny. I will break up with my boyfrend and he will be jelis of me. This is my feychur." Too cute. Anyway, check out some of our projects below.

Oh and here's me 75 years from now.


I have to comment real quick on the device that is holding my iPad. I got the idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris. It is an iPad holder that clips onto a desk/countertop. It has changed my classroom life! It is great for my to always have it in one spot and it makes it easy to access at any time (perfect if you like to project timers). It was also great for this particular activity because I did not have to worry about the kids dropping my precious iPad! :) So far, it has held the weight of my iPad just fine--we will see how it holds up over time! You can find the clip mount or others like it, here

100th Day Continued

We continued our 100th Day celebration with some K and 1st grade friends across the hall. We made fruit loop necklaces, licked lollipops, flipped coins, finger painted and exercised! Check out our party below!


Want our exercises? Click here.

They flipped a coin 100 times and kept track of how many heads and tails using tallies.


100 finger prints!


100 fruit loops on a necklace


100 lollipop licks! I found this lollipop freebie, here.

Roll & Color                                Color Page

We also starting our morning with these adorable coloring freebies!

Peek at my Week Pick-Me-Up (s)

1.) Roll up the Rim is back at Tim Horton's...yay!! As if coffee isn't good enough, now I have hope of winning a car as I drink.

2.) 3-day weekend...here is a picture of the delicious breakfast my co-worker and I had after we slept in on Monday :) Omelette's, pancakes and OJ...my favorite.

3.) Being silly with my little guys at our Valentine's party #mustacheclique


Hoping everyone has a fab-u-lous weekend! Happy teaching!!

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