I'm back!

Wow...sorry for the leave of absence! As you know, I was in Ireland for 4 weeks working on my Masters in Educational Technology (I am 2/3 of the way there...woo!) and then I spent a week traveling Europe with my mom. It was a LOT of fun but I am very happy to be home :) I took lots of fun pictures of videos that I look forward to sharing with my new batch of first graders!

Speaking of my new batch of first graders...I am SO EXCITED! When I compare my feelings now to this time last year, I think I am more eager and more excited to get back. My experience with my first year teaching last year and all of the new things I've learned this summer is what I believe has me so psyched. It is a beautiful summer day outside so I am going to make this post quick.

Here is what I have been up to!

1.) Classroom Website: Last year I did not have much time to consistently update and promote the use of my classroom website. My goal this year: make it a priority. I have spent so much time since I have been home updating and morphing my website into what is going to work best for myself, my kiddos and their parents. The part I am most proud of: subject area resources. Disclaimer: This is not done yet. I am going to continue adding resources as the school years go by--I think it is unrealistic for me to get all the resources on there at once! I am using Blendspace to organize all of the resources by skill. Please check out our website and give me some feedback!

2.) Daily 5 CAFE: This year, I am going to implement CAFE along with our Daily 5 instruction with the other teachers at our school. I am really, really excited to do this as I feel the two frameworks/strategies complement each other perfectly. Here was my one problem: I could not find matching Daily 5 & CAFE posters...URG! Huge problem...right? (I know...I am crazyI). I am such perfectionist when it comes to bulletin boards. So of course I had to create my own! I am not complaining though...it was really fun for me to practice my designing abilities and also learn more about the frameworks. I feel as though I have such a better grasp on how and what I will be teaching during reading this year. You can find my new Daily 5 CAFE posters here and here FOR FREE! :)

3.) Relaxing & getting back in shape: Yep...I am forcing myself to do these things! Teachers have this tendency to revolve their lives around helping other people instead of themselves. During August, we revolve our lives around our future students and how we are going to support them in our best ways possible. However, I don't think we can be our best unless we feel our best. I have been jogging/walking 5 minutes each morning (getting addicted), replacing coffee with MateFit tea, and replacing chips as my afternoon snack with Balance Bars. I am not making any drastic changes (besides the getting rid of coffee everyday thing) and I feel great! Hopefully I can keep it up as the year goes on!
That is all for now! I am going to spend one more week at home by the pool and then it is back to Michigan to set up my classroom (YAY!). Enjoy your last few weeks in the sun!

Happy Teaching!

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