Happy 100 Days!

100 days have come and gone in first grade land! If you know me, I will jump on just about any opportunity for a celebration in my classroom  (100 days is definitely calls for a celebration). Our plans for the day included some of my favorite activities that I have done in the past: 100 count Froot Loops necklaces (I am just now realizing it's spelled Froot and not Fruit...haha!), writing about what life will be like when we are 100 (compliments to the free Aging Booth app), and tons of free activities from Pinterest


I did try two new activities this year that I just have to share with you all. 

1.) FREE STEM activities from Brooke Brown (Teach Outside the Box)--my kids LOVED this. An awesome second grade teacher at my school put the booklets together so I didn't even have the prep this! I passed out the booklets and for an hour students grabbed the materials they needed and got to work. What's great about this activity is that students who did not complete all of the activities could take the books home to complete them this weekend. SO awesome! 

2.) 100th Day Runway -- yeah, you read that right! How this came to be is kind of a funny story. A roll of this amazing green colored paper was delivered to our school and was hanging out in the hallway all week. Every time I walked by it I swore I would find something fun to do with it (honestly only because I loved the color of the green paper so much and I knew I could not wait until St. Patrick's Day). SO with our 100th day celebrations on the horizon, the idea of a runway came to mind. My group this year is special in a sense that they need a lot of team building opportunities (that's code for they usually bug each other....a lot! Haha! I have 18 boys in my room so it's bound to happen). 

I put the paper on the floor, printed free 100th day certificates and explained to students that we were going to cheer really loud for their classmates and celebrate all of their successes. Students were urged to strut their stuff and their best dance moves for us--but they could also just walk down and receive high fives if they wanted :) And let me just say...it...was...AWESOME! Each time I called a student to walk down, the class roared with excitement and congratulations. Even my shyest students had a blast with it. Check out some pictures below.

We also had some other teachers drop by to strut their stuff and celebrate (and yes that's me doing the worm)! :) 


I challenge classrooms of any age to give this a try--it was a great way to acknowledge each student and make everybody feel good. We will definitely be doing this on the last day of school (hopefully there is still some green paper left! :) ).

Happy Teaching and Happy 100 Days!! 

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