1 Second Everyday #thankful

Alright--so I had a random (but really cool) idea this weekend. My roommate/co-worker Kelsey Svrcina and I were talking about making a Thankful Tree at school so our kids could write down what they are thankful for through the month of November. We both think it is so important to acknowledge how lucky we are to have so many things to be thankful for--whether they be small or big.

As I thought more and more about ways we could show ways we are thankful, I remembered the app my friend Natalie Priest  told me about while we were working on our Masters this summer in Ireland. It is called 1 Second Everyday and it allows you to record 1 second of each day, and then it puts the seconds together for you in a video. It is really awesome. The app is $2.99. Natalie recorded 1 second of each day in Ireland, and the resulting video was phenomenal.
Anyway, I had the idea that my kids could take turns recording 1 second of each day at school to show what they are thankful for. Before we leave for Thanksgiving, we can watch it together as a class! I think it will be a great way to show how how we are all thankful for different things, and that there are some things we did not even realize we should be thankful for. Please feel free to join me and try this with your class! I would love to hear about it and watch your video. Stay tuned for ours :)

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